Janne Lammi
ultra simp... Written by: Janne Lammi Multicon-page pagination Badges are small, simple components for displaying an indicator or count of some sort. They’re commonly found in email

Dominik Eggert
showing all components and connecting options Ready for production: CAD construction of metal and plastic parts Developing the manufacturing- and assembly process of the register in collaboration with Zehnder. Dominik

Andreas Schulz
LICHT AG Bonn/Berlin and Thomas Geuder for World-Architects talk about serving and poetic components of light and about

Conrad Electronic
different electronics and household technology products ever since, ranging from the smallest of electronic components

Athena Leva
sixties in Casorate Sempione (VA), Italy. The materials used for the internal and external components make the espresso machine particularly exquisite. The bodywork, completely hammered by hand by expert

Alexandre Bergel
Ressia. Domain-Specific Profiling . In Proceedings of the 49th International Conference on Objects, Models, Components and Patterns (TOOLS 11), LNCS 6705 p. 68—82, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, June

Luc Van
Ralf Dragon, Jörn Ostermann, Berend Denkena, Bernd Breidenstein, Tobias Mörke, " Data Storage in Gentelligent Components

Andreas Eiler
choice fell on a FAULHABER planetary gearhead. “They are made solely from steel components”, emphasises Andreas Eiler. With this, the motor can also work reliably under the most adverse conditions

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