Hugo Lambertucci
Hosts: NAOC . Contact Instructor Hugo Lambertucci Various Class 3 and Class 4/5 Workshops and Assessments on Maipo River, Region Metropolitana, Chile. Host: Cascada de las Animas . Contact Instructor Joe Willie

René Bart
chance dernièrement de travailler avec Stéphane pour un shooting. Super contact, très bon feeling, Stéphane a l’art de vous mettre à l’aise

Julien Grosclaude
millions de foyers en services radio, TV, HDTV, Internet, de téléphonie et autres. Contact : Julien Grosclaude, Directeur

Oswald Dillier
Contact Architectural models, functional models, and reconstructions With an equal measure of experience and creative talent, Oswald Dillier finds innovative solutions to meet his clients’ needs in architectural model building

Carl Rodgers
Contact «Solutions to problems arise from within» My work in depth psychology is rooted in Carl Rodger’s principal of mutual appreciation and C. G. Jung’s analytical approach

Jürgen Strolz
thousands of litres of water? If not, then Jürgen Strolz is your personal contact for an exciting canyoning

Paul Vanderbroeck
contact Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck, Chartered FCIPD CC Paul Vanderbroeck develops leaders through executive coaching, workshops, and assessments. He works with teams and organizations to improve their collaboration and performance. Paul

Lara Schaffner
Contact Biography Lara Schaffner was born in 1981 in Schaffhausen/CH. From 2001 to 2008, she studied at the “Musikhochschule” Lucerne in the piano class of Yvonne Lang (Teaching diploma

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