Günter Stölner
National Coordinator (Chair), Günter Stölner, office@cimbali.at Membership Coordinator, Manfred Knauseder, Manfred.Knauseder@Bwt-Group.com Education Coordinator, Benjamin Graf, B.Graf@Lcdc.At Events Coordinator, Gunter Stölner, G.Stoelner@Cimbali.At Communications Coordinator, Martin Sedlacek, Sedlacek https://sca.coffee/sca-chapters/

David Wiggins
Oxford) Hilary Putnam and the Philosophy of Morality (Abstract) 13.00-15.00 Lunch Break Chair: Prof. Dr. Alex Burri (Universität Erfurt) 15.00-15.50 Prof. Dr. Pierre Jacob (Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS http://lauener-foundation.ch/symposium.php?aktiv=312000&seite=2012

Patricia Schillings
Garbe, Chair of ELINET Association; University of Cologne, Germany Viv Bird, ex Chief Executive of Booktrust, UK Prof. Dr. Patricia Schillings, University of Liège, Belgium Dr. Sari Sulkunen, University http://www.eli-net.eu/events/elinet-association-symposium-2018-cologne/

Roman Chair
Eure Hauptübungen für die Reha einer Hamstringsverletzung? Nordic Hamstring? Good Morning? Dead lift? Roman Chair? Weitere Inputs zur Reha von Muskelverletzungen https://www.sart.ch/2017/02/28/muskelverletzungen/

Harry Gugger
staged by Harry Gugger 1. May – 5. July 2009 Kunstmuseum “Your shirt on my chair” – words from the song, “Bright Red”, by Laurie Anderson which so aptly describe the mood http://www.kunstmuseumthun.ch/en/exhibitions/archive/

Mirjam Züger
Greyfields as Resources“. She is a research assistant to Prof. Kees Christiaanse at the chair for architecture and urban design at ETH Zurich. She directs the research http://www.christiaanse.arch.ethz.ch/index.php?page_id=451

Ina Bucharest
et.al. (eds.), Urban Made Zürich (Zurich: Chair for Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zurich, 2014). Kiss, Daniel, ‘Why Should Troubled Economy be Seen as Potential for Cities?’, in Orasul Posíbil http://www.christiaanse.arch.ethz.ch/index.php?page_id=124

Yves Leresche
plus près de la chair et de l âme. C est en 1990 qu Yves Leresche a saisi ses premiers clichés des «Rroms», Tsiganes de Roumanie. Puis, dès http://www.swissinfo.ch/fre/les-rroms-selon-yves-leresche/3062412

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