Christian Tradition
Taft (Hrsg.), The Armenian Christian Tradition, Rom 1997, in Oriens Christianus, Band 83, Wiesbaden 1999, S. 280 89. H. Teule - A. Wessels (Hrsg.), Oosters christenen binnen

Metin Talishli
Armenian hackers publish papers to protest against the ... Armenian hackers publish papers to protest ... published a large number of documents related to the company Sumato Energy and its director Metin

Alvaro Aramendia
Maestro Alvaro Hagopian | AGBU | Armenian non-profit ... “I received my education at AGBU from an early age, attending the Nubarian-Manoogian School from kindergarten through high school. When

Beat Cane
Wiktionary:Entry layout#Translations. Translations to be checked. Georgian: ... to beat with a cane . Armenian: փայտով

FANDOM powered by Wikia Grand Holding is an industrial corporation founded by an outstanding Armenian businessman Hrant

Lori Province
Teghut ( Armenian : Թեղուտ), is a village in the Lori Province of Armenia . Teghut is located 70 kilometres northeastward from Vanadzor. The village is at the right side of Shnogh river

Dora Apartian
Hekiat – Armenian Stories” – Kulturscheune Liestal, 20.30 Uhr 11. December 2016 Modus featuring Houry Dora Apartian – Thuner Adventskalender, 18.00 Uhr 18. November 2016 Modus featuring Houry Dora Apartian – Ref. Kirschgemeindehaus Rheinfelden

James Douglas
watched and locked up society – a nuisance that Jack Abramian, a superrich Californian with Armenian roots definitely wants

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