Steffen Meister
geographic reach with two new offices, one in Latin America and one in Asia." Steffen Meister, Chief Executive Officer at Partners Group adds, “We greatly value

Gerald Jerry
would one day stand for cause-oriented, revealing hypnosis education and hypnotherapy in Europe, Asia, South America and even in Africa. OMNI and Gerald (Jerry) Kein have since 1979 been

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Katja Daniela
Central Asia, from Andijon (Ferghana) in Uzbekistan to be exact. His grandson Akbar was a patron of the arts and also sponsored dancing. Katja Daniela and Manjiri Kamulkar have devoted

Katja Daniela
DANCES OF THE SILKROAD Katja Daniela has been studying and exploring Dances of Central Asia and Eastern Countries for over 20 years. 1997 She she graduated from the State Dance

Daniel Kaplan
rural water sector practitioners from over 300 organisations from 64 countries in Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe, in a bilingual (English/French) four day event. It was opened by the Prime

Charles Lee
While nothing can undo the devastation caused by the recent tsunami disaster in southeast asia, improvements in global monitoring of seismic activity may lessen the effects of future events

Heather Pangle
Writing Requirement; offered Spring 2018 · Heather Pangle POSC 378: Political Economy & Ecology of Southeast Asia: Social Changes

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