Frederic Wile
interested. Likewise he claimed that Ballin refused to become a minister, not wanting to be baptised for opportunistic reasons only. 23 And five years later Frederic Wile

Bob Dylan
that produces goosebumps even many years later. When I heard that Bob Dylan will be awarded with the Nobel prize, my first thought was: it’s high time

Marcelo Assafin
needed urgently, such as it is for standard asteroids occultation work. We have to be very thankful to the group around Marcelo Assafin in Brazil, who does astrometry with large

Vladimir Horunzhy
give so much of yourself to every participant in this fantastic event. Hope to be there again! Vladimir Horunzhy Producer (Ukraine) The people and their

Peter Zaitsev
application regularly) should be in the buffer pool. There is a good blog post by Peter Zaitsev describing how to find the best size for the buffer pool

Morgan Stanley
Welcome to the next stage of your career journey. At Morgan Stanley, you’ll be working alongside some of the best professionals in the business—for a firm that values

Heinz Bohlen
happened to be a great success. On the morning of that same day the two clarinetists, Mr Heinz Bohlen - the first discoverer of the Bohlen-Pierce scale - and Prof. Georg

Clara Luzia
statement (in german language only!) on decision to end the label. There won´t be

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