Eric Brard
percent, drew enough demand to sell the debt four times over. “The fundamentals for banks in Europe are much better than they were in the past: not only because

Christopher Jeffery
Editor-in-chief of Central Banking said: “Landqart has provided a solution for central banks where they no longer

Jérôme Kehrli
Geneva. He will show how a Fin Tech company brings added value to banks by enabling them to easily detect fraudsters like Bob and stay compliant. Enemy or friend

Michèle Luyet
Prevention Service - an innovative service helping banks to beat cyber fraud. Why Piguet Galland Bank Loves Net Guardians Bank s COO Michèle Luyet: "The solution enabled us to increase

Julius Baer
family offices, insurance companies, fund management companies, fund administrators, asset managers, endowments, foundations, corporations, banks and also private clients for more than twenty-five years. The Julius Baer Global Custody

Marco Mayer
oder marco.mayer(at) Brief description For jails, power plants, banks and security rooms of all types. © Kelag Systems

Andreas Hünerwadel
Partner of Wenger & Vieli. His practice is focused on financial services, i.e. he advises banks and securities dealers with regard to transactions and supervisory issues. Additionally, he regularly represents banks

Basel 342
Basel Committee’s TLAC Holdings consultative document sets out its proposed prudential treatment of banks’ investments in TLAC. It is applicable

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