Alfred Vogel
mostly vegetarian, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated, from Swiss to the exotic, based on the diet principles of the Swiss pioneer of natural health, Alfred Vogel

Gabriela Kleiner
Jung also develops real estate projects through his Olten-based firm, Giroud Olma AG. Gabriela Kleiner More Gabriela Kleiner is the legal owner and CEO of healthy & snacky ag. Since

Tobias Stern
Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI Tunable Films – Tunable lignocellulose-based responsive films ( pdf ), Maria Soledad Peresin, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI 11.00 – 12.00 Presentations

Samuel Beckett
States . During the two years he spent there he wrote and directed a film based on Samuel Beckett s short story First Love

Daniel Boyle
Post subject: Back on the Controls - New album in 70ies Perry style London based producer Daniel Boyle is working on an album together with Lee Perry. Two things are very

Paul Hertz
missions, along with dozens of ground-based observatories, including the NASA-funded Pan-STARRS survey, later captured the fading glow of the blast s expanding debris. "This is extremely exciting

Davide Scaramuzza
Seminar Series Davide Scaramuzza talks about visual-inertial state estimation, active vision, and event-based vision at CMU Robotics Institute Seminar Series

Gerhard Kleining . ↑ mündliche Mitteilung eines kanadischen Anthropologen, vgl. Gerhard Kleining: An experiment demonstrating group-based dialogic introspection. In: Mechthild Kiegelmann, (Hrsg.), The role of the researcher in qualitative

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