Michael Warner
Intelligence and National Security, Heft 3, 1997; Michael Warner, Robert Louis Benson: "Venona and Beyond ‒ Thoughts on Work Undone", in: Intelligence and National Security, Heft 3, 1997] Anpassung

Kara Sea
Barents Sea into the Kara Sea beyond Novaya Zemlya and produce sufficient snow for glaciers to form on Severnaya Zemlya. There are four major and many minor islands

Nathan Myhrvold
asked the chefs at his Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab to create some recipes with Beyond Meat’s chicken-free product. They cooked Chicken-Free Tikka

Laura Leebove
meatless solution at home, the most innovative work is coming from Beyond Meat" “The Golden Age of the Veggie Burger” Laura Leebove

Lawrence River
route to the Orient. The Huron Indians told him of the great seas lying beyond, but the upper St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario

Travis Holt
every time I speak to support you guys are the best! Your support goes beyond this galaxy!!!! I just got off the phone with Paco

Tanner Smith
many genres to cover! From jazz to country, rock to pop, and beyond, musicians have an assortment of brands to choose from no matter their level

Richard Paulick
Products: OMBIS 70, ZRM 2.5-ES/C Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin is famous way beyond the city boundaries. One of the characteristic features is the set of 215 street lights

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