Philipp Jaeggi
Costa Rica. And of course for good beer drinking company ! Don Bible for numerous beers from the USA. Dorin Nicolaescu for trading beers from Moldova, Ukraine and - one new country

Didier Theraulaz
Theraulaz – Piaget Honorary Secretary: Mark Jenkins – Signet Jewelers Limited Honorary Treasurer: Feriel Zerouki – De Beers Group Stephen Lussier – De Beers Group

James Courage
formally elected as RJC’s Chairman, and Feriel Zerouki, Best Practice Principles Manager, De Beers Group, was elected as Honorary Treasurer. Michael Steinmetz (Leo Schachter, USA), Ryan Taylor (Fair Trade

Stefano Pedro
interesting combinations. Big plus for the friendly service, proper oven and local craft beers

Christian Dior
Klein, Chloe, Hermes, Donna Karan, Jil Sander, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferré and De Beers. Ms. Evangelista’s innate ability to understand women’s skincare needs is the driving force

Sandra Decoux
Decoux - Joomla! Volunteers Portal I’m addicted to Joomla! and football. I can transform beers into CSS, I hate !important and I’m a real pain in general

Philip Beer
Craft beer from Victoria, BC Proudly brewed in Victoria, British Columbia, our craft beers are anything but ordinary, from your mainstay favourites to seasonal releases

Urs Wüthrich
some Schmitte-Bier. Ville Koch for the Braubar Ahtanum Apricot Saison. Vincent Bourquin for beers from Benin and Mali. Vladi and Marco La Gennusa for some beers from

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