Julia Samm
Cornelia Nef; Contacting strategies for molecular electronics , July 2014. Mathias Wipf; Chemical and Biochemical Sensors Based on Silicon Nanowire Field https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/publications/phd-theses/

Colin Kleanthous
latest news from the Biochemical Society Colin Kleanthous named Editor-in-Chief of Emerging Topics in Life Sciences 26.7.16 The Biochemical Society and Royal Society of Biology are pleased http://www.biochemistry.org/

Robert Aebi
Robert Aebi Feed Additive Technologies 2004 FAT becomes official European distributor of Juyuan Biochemical s Co., Ltd and worldwide distributor of Herbonis AG FATAGO becomes Asian distributor http://www.feed-additive-technologies.com/milestones/

Ingo Ochlast
Synthase? Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Volume 234, Issue 1, 8 May 1997, Pages 35-38 2 Ingo Ochlast. Der vasodilatatorische Effekt der Aminosäure L-Arginin - Stereospezifität https://www.drhittich.com/vital-g-max-ultra-arginin-potenz-tabletten.html

Murat Kanbur
Gokhan Eraslan, Murat Kanbur und Sibel Silici: Evaluation of propolis effects on some biochemical parameters in rats treated with sodium fluoride. In: Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propolis

Steve Busby
continue to undergo robust peer review processes and adhere to strict publishing guidelines. Biochemical Society Chair Steve Busby says the move reflects the benefit of having a Society-owned publisher http://www.portlandpress.com/pp/default.htm

Susan Waiz
Krystal Angevine, LCSW, MBA Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services The Clinical and Biochemical Effect of Therapeutic Massage on Fatigue and Insomnia in Women with Breast Cancer https://www.daisyfoundation.org/research-ebp-grants/grants-funded

Stephen Perse
Stephen Perse Foundation (Perse School for Girls), Cambridge, UK.Annette received a B.S. in Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences from Harvard University and a Ph. D. in Cell Biology from Yale https://creativecommons.org/board/

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