Jacqueline Tschumi
Schweizer Unternehmen laut Jacqueline Tschumi in Südkorea schnell auf fremde Hilfe angewiesen. «Der Swiss Business Hub Korea https://www.kmu-magazin.ch/branchen-maerkte/die-attraktivsten-exportmaerkte-fuer-schweizer-kmu

Minh Tri
Afrikanisches Sprichwort) Minh Tri Amacher, Dipl. économie politique, ist ein Spezialist für das Asia Business Management. Als Senior Consultant hat er verschiedene Projekte initialisiert und geleitet, sowie die Vernetzung http://sbp.ch/cms/content/view/12/28/

Nat West
Pages Sometimes a particular innovation becomes significant enough to launch as a stand-alone business, such as when James helped Nat West Card Services to spin off Magex http://www.griffon.id9.ch/innovation.html

Martin Eppler
includes Banking (UBS), Media (Ringier, International Herald Tribune) and Consulting (TCB The Creative Business, Bain and Company). He is the inventor of the etsfocus.com knowledge visualization software suite, the Paths http://iomba.unige.ch/faculty-biographies/

Mathieu Couttenier
Governmental Organizations and civil society react? Prof. Mathieu Couttenier, University of Geneva 9. Doing Business in Emerging Markets To gain an understanding of the strategic and management challenges that firms http://iomba.unige.ch/part-time-mba/mba-program-structure-2/global-context/

Rudolf Diesel Strasse
with the aim of ensuring and developing business know-how. symbiopartner AG Rudolf Diesel-Strasse 3 CH-8404 Winterthur Phone: 0041 (0) 52 234 30 64 Email: info@symbiopartner.ch Internet: www.symbiopartner.ch http://symbiopartner.ch/en/symbiopartner/Expertise/Expertise

Marcel Frank
Wyon AG, Appenzell Steinegg, Batterien, 108 Mitarbeitende Kategorie «Family Business»: Marcel Frank, Frank Türen AG, Buochs, Spezialtüren, 53 Mitarbeitende Jan Martel, Martel AG St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Detailhandel, 44 Mitarbeitende http://www.ey.com/ch/de/newsroom/news-releases/medienmitteilung-ey-finalisten-eoy-2017

Alexandra Aberli
Aberli With over 20 years of experience in the business, Alexandra Aberli Management – The Boutique Agency – in Switzerland can be summed up as follows: The personal management of various talents http://www.aberli-management.com/

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