Ludwig XIV
drohenden Eroberung der Reichsstadt durch die Soldaten des Königs Ludwig XIV. von Frankreich unter General Joseph de Montclar . Da diese ausblieb, musste er schließlich, um größeres Leid zu vermeiden

Franklin Künstler
hauptsächlich aus Blaubeere; geringe Anteile von Kirsche und Kiwi verleihen ihm Lebendigkeit und Glanz. General Jimmy Doolittle

Matti Orion
Multi-reeve dancer arrangement allows unit to soft start and stop. Trouble free rewinding. General description: The Matti Orion Rewind Post Processing Unit can be connected on-line with

Bryan Saltzburg
Vice President and General Manager, Global Flights Business Bryan Saltzburg leads the company s global Flights product that now operates in over 44 countries and 26 languages. In addition

Wolfgang Stefanelli
accounts, he is a member of the Austrian CSI Association. Wolfgang Stefanelli – General Manager, Projectina AG Mr. Stefanelli has a proven record of business successes having held several senior positions

Louis Gateway
conceptions architecturales, comme le Saint Louis Gateway Arch (1948-64), le Centre Technique de General Motors (1948-56), le Terminal TWA (1956-62) de l’Aéroport de New York John

John Cabell
Gallery Controversy surrounding Confederate memorials A monument to former U.S. Vice President and Confederate General John Cabell Breckinridge stands outside the Old Courthouse in Lexington, Ky., U.S., August ... REUTERS/Bryan Woolston A monument to Confederate General

John Lee
boogie. Technical[ edit ] What parts of this article are too technical for a general audience and how may they be improved? Hyacinth ( talk ) 02:02, 15 July 2008 (UTC) What

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