Max Planck
Theoretical Many-Particle Physics of Max Planck Institute Heidelberg at University Rostock, 1995 post-doctoral stay at Tennessee TEC (Cookeville), University of Arizona (Tuscon) and NSCL (Lansing

Simon Knabenhans
students or doctoral students and shares his expertise with company representatives. Simon Knabenhans Simon Knabenhans joined the Career Center in August 2017 as an intern. The year-long internship

Isabel Günther
GESS) and Dr. Christopher Humphrey , researcher at Nadel (D-GESS) build the teaching team. Doctoral students across several departments participate. The colloquium will take place on Friday

Nadia Zimmermann
Implantation" Nadia Zimmermann since January 2008 Doctoral thesis „Radiological long-term evaluation of patients with multiple knee ligament injuries after traumatic knee dislocation” Master and doctoral studies (finished) Florian Schmid

Joanne Byrne
selection of papers from the 7th European Quality Assurance Forum Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education - results of the ARDE project Joanne Byrne, Thomas Jørgensen and Tia Loukkola Full Costing: Progress

Grant Add
your research experience by going abroad. Guidelines (pdf) Mobility grants are aimed at doctoral students who wish to improve their scientific profile by going abroad while being employed

Thomas Hellmann
graduate students in doctoral programs in the United States and Europe for a four-day "boot camp" on entrepreneurship research. The Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp (ERBC), which is organized

Corina Mistridis
Symposium Demenz 2020 – Herausforderungen heute und morgen Panagiota Mistridis , Dr. phil., Post­Doctoral Research ... Corina Wirth, Dr. phil. nat. et sci. med, Geschäftsführerin Public Health Schweiz 17.15 Apéro

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