Rick Wilden
that Rick Wilden passed away late last night. Rick was a pillar of dance sport for decades. He was a highly esteemed International Judge, an Event Director and a Founding http://www3.worldcdf.com/

David Hyde
this production. Fontana is no stranger to Broadway musicals. Besides his song-and-dance skills showcased on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and as the voice of Hans in Frozen https://myspace.com/article/2018/2/22/santino-fontana-hello-dolly-broadway-ew

Walter Gibbons
between Arthur and his old friend Walter Gibbons. Unlike the rest of Russell s Dance collaborations, “School Bell/Treehouse http://humrecords.ch/detail.php?id=152827

Willie Hutch
12” pressing at its full length - 6:54 - is sure to galvanise any dance floor and lift spirits immeasurably. After achieving relative notoriety within http://humrecords.ch/detail.php?id=152825

May KEYSTONEG eorgios
ground. People show their best moves along the streets of Basel during the Dance Parade on May 4. (KEYSTONE/Georgios Kefalas) Delegates gathered for the Yemen donor conference at the United http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/picture-of-the-week/42219238

Geneviève Fallet
Tänzerin, zuerst in der Geneviève Fallet Dance Company, dann bei Akar Modern Dance, dem Ensemble von Annemarie Parekh. Sie bildete sich in Tanzpädagogik aus, unterrichtete Jazz- und Moderndance, suchte aber http://white-cloud.ch/pages/c08.htm

Gerhard Pawlica
premiere takes us on a journey through dark corners using various forms of contemporary dance. The Lucerne based Solo Cellist Gerhard Pawlica provides the music: A crossover theatre event https://www.luzernertheater.ch/hintertueren

Françoise Philippon
same time developing my career as a choreographer for: Television: over hundred dance parts for Swiss TV; a Dance film specially created for the TV media Circuit fermé , which obtained http://jazzdance-unlimited.ch/CVs/resume_bm_en.htm

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