Martin Transport
Digitale Sachen – Was sind digitale Daten juristisch gesehen?» in: Center for Digital Business Yea(h)rbook 2017; Manuel P. Nappo (Hrsg.) Buch – buch & netz Verlag

Veit Etzold
Veit Etzold. Der Thriller-Bestsellerautor und Experte für Strategie und Storytelling setzt auf Digital Storytelling als Marketinginstrument

Barbara Weigand
complement your Shore basic plan Digital marketing made easy. Go digital and boost your business success 35% Thanks to Shore we were able to increase our revenue by 35%. Barbara

John Karolefski
monthly e-zine, CPG matters . The Coca-Cola Co. recently rolled out a new digital signage system attached to endcaps located in the center store of supermarkets to deliver branded

Ted Grant
electrical charge at each pixel, which is electronically processed and stored in a digital image file for subsequent display or processing. Photography is employed in many fields of science, manufacturing

Nuno Nina
salts is stored in the Time Waver Home and can be used like "digital Bachblüten" or "digital homeopathy". Available Add to shopping cart Time Waver Home Beauty-Programs The experience

Sean Matthews
Global App launched in late March 2016. Both projects were led by Left Hook Digital co-founder and integration expert Sean Matthews. “These two Global Apps show off our range

Mario Heerdt
Mario Heerdt, Global Service Center Agent Rhys Howell, Digital Channels Team Manager Martin König, Bike Coordinator What s special about Canyon? At Canyon, you re able to thrive

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