Henri Carnal
Carnal With his American wife, Henri takes over from his father in 1912; both educational visionaries, they create Le Rosey’s reputation and attract students from all over the world https://www.rosey.ch/le-rosey/history/

Stanislaw Lem
Sphere inside Out, a 1977 American educational film that features basic three-dimensional organic grid structures or nebula-like light bodies. The strategy to use the most basic forms http://kunsthallewinterthur.ch/home/page.aspx?page_id=8959

Rose School
Rose School in St. Annes on Sea in Lancashire UK., Global Educational Consultancies (GEC) and a consultant to the Institute of Child Education and Psychology, Europe http://www.drgavinreid.com/

Michaela Potančoková
Human Capital, looked at differences in educational attainment by age and gender. 2 The new study is the first comprehensive examination of differences in educational levels by religion. Wittgenstein Centre http://www.pewforum.org/2016/12/13/religion-and-education-around-the-world/

Angélique Boussand
Microsoft Angélique boasts many years of experience in her career, having focused on an educational career path since an early age. She specializes in Microsoft and banking software and believes https://www.youlearnit.ch/en/teachers

Andreas Sturm
Tiago Nunes, Monica Cesarini, Joana Torres, Elisabeth Schnoy, and Hannah Gordon. Supported by an educational grant of Software License by Sociable Data https://www.ecco-ibd.eu/index.php/publications/ecco-guidelines-science/ecco-e-guide.html

Francisco Bosques
Local organiser and speaker - Educational Workshop Mexico Francisco Bosques - Speaker - Educational Workshop Mexico Jose Luis Rocha - Speaker - Educational Workshop Mexico Murat Törüner - Speaker - Educational Workshop Turkey Hülya Over – Hamzaoğlu - Chair ... Educational Workshop Turkey Aykut https://www.ecco-ibd.eu/about-ecco/ecco-acknowledgements.html

Art Library
festive occasions. The rooms of the Art Library and Material Archive are rented to educational institutes, companies and private individuals. An experienced catering team in the Sitterwerk offers aperitifs, buffets http://www.sitterwerk.ch/en/offerings.html

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