Robert Kirchhof
partner that provided valuable project management expertise flexibly and quickly." Dr. Robert Kirchhof | Project Manager ZEFIRO 380 | Bombardier Transportation "Without a doubt, this project would not have reached the level

Patrick Rimoux
construit la mise en lumière de ce projet. Nous nous sommes appuyés sur l’expertise de Schréder en la matière, qui nous a apporté la technologie adaptée pour traduire cette

Olivier Vaucher
extraordinary The culture of technique The Olivier Vaucher Workshops have over time broadened their expertise

Olivier Vaucher
concert pour garantir un niveau d’expertise et de qualité toujours plus abouti. En parallèle de la création, Olivier Vaucher imagine aussi de nouvelles manières d’associer technologie et expression

Bruno Augustonis
straight away. Benefit from Bruno Augustoni’s expertise! In a unique way, learn his individual, sustainable and effective sales & communication method with a 100% success guarantee! And - as a result

Yolanda Cartusciello
exposure for our sponsors. ‘Chambers events are an ideal platform for demonstrating capabilities and expertise to a high level audience. Chambers has the credibility to attract an excellent audience ... expertise to put on a first-class event which is beneficial to all.’ Yolanda Cartusciello

Daniel Pfister
Cash-flow analysis expertise advisory. Aurum’s expert advice originates directly from the specialized skills of our CEO Daniel Pfister. His knowledge and expertise were refined while successfully managing

Hans Sattler
electrical installation business to an internationally active production company. Through the generations, necessary expertise in design, production

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