Philip Egli
Tannhäuser“ unter der Leitung von Philip Egli im Opernhaus Zürich und ist Mitglied von FOCUS. Mit FOCUS war sie 2016 im Finale von „Die grössten Schweizer Talente“. Marie unterrichtet

Ivica Bocevski
political crisis lies in the upcoming election, after which the country will have to focus on reforms of the educational system which needs to produce competent labor force”. This

Reto Quinter
Konrad Schmid kam als Partner im Jahre 2005 in die Firma OPCON AG. Im Focus unseres Angebots steht eine ganzheitliche Beratung und individuelle Betreuung. Opcon

Jonathan Vogel
last NBER Reporter article on the ITI program was in 2011; this article s focus is on research during 2012–15. The linkage of wage inequality to global supply chains

Robert Gibbons
those that do not occur in frictionless markets). Naturally, the group s main focus is on transactions within firms. As a result, many

Antoinette Schoar
guidance; and, of course, corporate managers, but with a focus not just on their function in allocating capital, but also on their identities and beliefs. Starting with borrowers, Hong

Can Apps
Trends Trends in Service Logistics Mobile Integration being a mayor focus in current Field Service solutions have brought the Apps wave to the front pages. Can Apps modeling deliver

Cambridge Biogen
Rare Diseases Biogen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, with a focus on developing therapies for serious neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases

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