Kathy Stanford
Risa Booze (2012 Graduate) “The Kathy Grant Heritage Training® completely changed the direction and focus of my teaching and my personal Pilates practice. Through Kathy Grant’s subtle, before https://www.carareeserpilates.com/heritage-training/

Dan Leeds
Outcome" Overview: Many organizations think of Agility as mainly a technology concern. They focus on increasing the efficiency with which teams are able to deliver on projects, with ... emerging as a primary focus to ensure smooth, rapid flow from https://www.meetup.com/Southern-Connecticut-Agile-Meetup/events/249156643/

Steffen Meister
Steffen Meister, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, adds, "We continue to place a strong focus on strengthening https://www.partnersgroup.com/en/shareholders/financial-news/archive/detail/article/partners-group-reports-client-demand-of-eur-21-billion-in-h1-2011-and-confirms-full-year-target-of-eur-4-5-billion/

Alejandro Ruhl
Persönlicher Newsletter Fotocredits: Corbis, 6PA/MAXPPP, FOCUS Online/Wochit, colourbox.com, Photodisc, FOCUS Online/dpa, Grill Titelbild, Getty Images/i Stockphoto, dpa/Arne Dedert, Alejandro Ruhl / Shutterstock.com, Sat.1/ Glomex, dpa/Armin Weigel, dpa, Glomex (3), i Stock https://www.focus.de/gesundheit/lexikon/

Alejandro Ruhl
Persönlicher Newsletter Fotocredits: Getty Images/gradyreese, Getty Images/Yuri_Arcurs, FOCUS Online/Wochit (2), dpa/Franziska Gabbert/dpa-tmn, Nintendo, dpa/Jens Büttner, dpa/dpa-infocom, FOCUS Online/dpa, Grill Titelbild, Alejandro Ruhl / Shutterstock.com, Sat.1/ Glomex, dpa/Bodo Marks, dpa/Franziska https://www.focus.de/digital/experten/

Géraldine Beck
poetry, with a focus on publications as a medium for art practice and discourse. A project by Géraldine Beck , Tiphanie Blanc and Ramaya Tegegne . Opening September 17, 2015, from http://www.manystuff.org/

Patricia Dues
March 21, 2016 Dr. Patricia Dues returns to run the OAUG with a focus on keeping the group thriving http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oramag/magazine/home/index.html

Rudolf Hug
seine Erlebnisse in einer eindrücklichen Fotoreportage festgehalten 2011 focus Aargau AOS - Eine High-Speed -Erfolgsgeschichte Rudolf Hug produziert Computer, die auch bei minus 40 Grad oder plus 85 Grad Celsius http://rudolf-hug.ch/print.html

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