Lou Andreas Salomé
almost bullying force, but at the same time we see no friend of his as intimate as Atticus was to Cicero or Lou Andreas-Salomé was to Rainer Maria Rilke

Thomas Gage
with these elements might never be recovered. When British Gen. Thomas Gage sent a force from Boston to destroy American rebel military stores at Concord, Massachusetts, fighting broke out between

James Abercrombie
large land force aimed at Fort Ticonderoga to eliminate French control of Lake Champlain . The first expedition against the French at Ticonderoga was a disaster, as Gen. James Abercrombie

Anthony Bourdain
vermeiden Focus (Print) Why people are working longer Labour-force participation rates are rising for older people in advanced economies Economist What Bourdain Gave Us Anthony Bourdain at his best

Woodrow Wilson
balance of power in the Far East. When Japan attempted in 1915 to force a virtual protectorate on China, Pres. Woodrow Wilson intervened sternly and in some measure

John Hay
letter to Theodore Roosevelt , “a splendid little war.” An American expeditionary force, after quickly

Michel Pinçon
semblent fasciner chercheurs et journalistes, ce sont les gagnants au gros lot. Pourtant, force est de constater que ces derniers éprouvent une véritable ambiguïté face au rapport au gain

Nike Air
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