Fedor Tokarev
During 1930 - 1932 Red Army procured several thousands of new pistol, and after initial field testing requested several improvements, which resulted in the adoption of the model 1933 Tokarev pistol http://modernfirearms.net/handguns/hg/rus/tokarev-tt-e.html

Ryan Griffin
Hecq , 61-90 Ryan Griffin Comment Apr 22, 2017 Features , isolatedmix , Mixes Christoph Berg , Field Rotation , Deaf Center , Celer , Machinefabriek , Mico Nonet , Simon Goff , Jacaszek , Kwartludium , Kreng , Hecq http://www.astrangelyisolatedplace.com/

Cecil Field
Florida, verbrachte ich rund 14 Wochen auf der Cecil Field Naval Air Station. Diese Airbase bildete Soldaten der US-Navy für den Betrieb und Unterhalt des F/A-18 aus. Ich absolvierte http://molletchrigel.ch/job_3.htm

Christian Goldemann
field, which is much more interesting than it seems. We show you what you can do with, the passion and power of typography. Typostrate is written by Christian Goldemann http://typostrate.com/

Louis Moinets
partnership with an iconic figure who has made an indelible mark in their respective field, excelling to the highest level to push the boundaries of their craft http://louismoinet.com/collection-legends-c31.php

Roland Primus
Roland Primus Owning multible companies in the winter sports, IT and the business process field, and with a professional atitude, but without the "branded mind off a university degree https://www.primus.ch/_roland/creative.html

Julia Samm
molecular electronics , July 2014. Mathias Wipf; Chemical and Biochemical Sensors Based on Silicon Nanowire Field https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/publications/phd-theses/

Mathias Wipf
broad research field using Si NW sensors as a candidate for future applications. A Verilog-A model for silicon nanowire biosensors: From theory to verification P. Livi, K. Bedner https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/research/isfet/

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