Monica Recreation
1930s, the site was not officially titled Muscle Beach. Rather, it was simply known as another one of the city “parks” operated by the Santa Monica Recreation

Jerry Doyle
actress, known for 24 (2001), Crash (2004) and One Eight Seven (1997). Actor | Babylon 5 Jerry Doyle was born on July 16, 1956 in Brooklyn, New York ... actor, known for Babylon

Robert Payer
sound captures America”. Also in 1971, the collaboration between Robert Payer and the well-known producer and co-writer Waldemar Simon began. Already their

Philipp Frank
known as ›left socialist‹ assassin of an Austrian head of government in 1916, Philipp Frank, today remembered as member of the Logical Positivist ›Vienna Circle‹, and even mostly forgotten Austrian

Carsten Linck
Schubert’s „Schöne Müllerin“ and early 19th century guitar songs, he presented the well-known Schubert song cycles with Eckart Begemann as well as Ludger Rémy on fortepiano

William Mathewson
discouraged many early settlers. One of the heroes of that era was William Mathewson, known as the original “Buffalo Bill” (a nickname also used later to greater fame by William

Pierre Pigs
Parrant; he was closely followed by Abraham Perry. The settlement was known as Pig’s Eye Landing until 1841, when Roman Catholic missionary

Rico Trench
precipitous depression in Earth’s crust: an extensive submarine feature of the Atlantic known as the Puerto Rico Trench

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