Vicente Martínez
region. Cubans came to Key West after 1868 when, as a result of revolutionary turmoil in Cuba, Vicente Martínez Ybor moved his cigar factories there from Havana . Labour troubles

Scott KEY
following British naval bombardment, Francis Scott KEY wrote the lyrics to what would become the national anthem; the lyrics were set to the tune of "The Anacreontic Song"; only

Francis Scott
Star-Spangled Banner” when it appeared in sheet music form later the same year. Key, Francis Scott Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star-Spangled Banner” (1814). Library of Congress

Donald Donald
candidacy, but he also had trouble gaining the support of a number of key Republican leaders once he had secured the party’s nomination. Trump, Donald Donald Trump. © Gino Santa

Thomas Sumter
fort was named for Thomas Sumter , a general who had won key victories against the British in the Carolinas during the American Revolution . The fort

Manfred Lorenzen
suchen wir den... Key Account Manager DE-A-CH International (m/w). Bewerbung an M. Lorenzen ... Für Informationen steht Ihnen Herr Manfred Lorenzen (0172 5231403) gerne zur Verfügung. Ihre Online-Bewerbung

Kim Heilman
shootings and gun violence has been missing a key element: recognition of the widespread lack of respect for the dignity and sacredness of human life […] Apr 13 18 • Kim Heilman

Jürg Dubs
viewed through the access key. Safari in Windows: Same procedure as in Mac OS X, but additionally press key ‘Alt’. Notes | Dr. iur. Jürg Dubs solicitor The following link makes

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