Romana Brunner
Titel: «The German Hip Outcome Score: Validation in Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment for Femoroacetabular Impingement» gewannen die Autoren Dr. F. Naal, Dr. phil. F. Impellizzeri, Dr. H. Miozzari

Amir Tal
functional consequences of femoroacetabular impingement in male junior ice hockey players. An exploratory cross-sectional study". V.l.n.r: Prof. Dr. Amir Tal, Studiengangleiter BFH, Helen Amrhyn, Preisträgerin BFH, Omega E. Huber

Tobias Johannes
rrmann, MD, MBA 529 Postoperative Imaging after Impingement Surgery Tobias Johannes Dietrich, MD, Karl Grob, MD, and Chan-Hi Olaf Kim, MD 539 Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: Abductors, External Rotators

Martin Ophey
verschiedenen Workshops weitere Themen vertiefen. Martin Ophey: Scapula/Cuff-Training bei Schulterinstabilitäten- u. Impingement Harald Bant: Vom Befund zur Rehabilitation der Wirbelsäule Martin Schäppi