Karl Benz
ideal for light vehicular locomotion. The first motorcycle and motorcar powered by an internal-combustion engine were constructed by Daimler and Karl Benz

John Dickinson
power over internal colonial affairs; he quietly implied that the basis of colonial loyalty lay in its utility among equals rather than in obedience owed to a superior. John Dickinson

Dakota State
internal to North Dakota State Government. Public - Forms used by the general public or entities external to North Dakota State Government. Department

Clement VII
Sienese people. Internal strife resumed, with the popular faction ousting the Noveschi party supported by Clement VII: the latter sent an army, but was defeated at Camollia in 1526. Emperor

Paris Convention
restrict the freedom of the Member States how to establish a system of internal priorities, national provisions on internal priorities cannot modify the requirements

Günter Thyssen
know i VIEW, because its use leads to a significant workload reduction for internal controlling. » Günter Thyssen CEO E. Schellenberg

Otto Naegeli
memory of Professor Otto Naegeli, the distin-guished scientist and teacher of internal medicine at the University of Zurich

Tony Ding Associated
involved in the emissions cheating. Volkswagen did not keep a promise to publish an internal report on the causes

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