Julia Samm
Quantum Dots for Cooper Pair Splitting , Oct 2014. Julia Samm; Investigation of Carbon Nanotubes Contacted to Ferromagnetic Leads , July 2014. Cornelia Nef; Contacting strategies for molecular electronics , July 2014. Mathias https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/publications/phd-theses/

Mark Graham
Mark Graham 21 March 2017 0 This report is based on a three-year investigation conducted by researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) at the University of Oxford http://geonet.oii.ox.ac.uk/blog/new-report-the-risks-and-rewards-of-online-gig-work-at-the-global-margins/

Larry Farmer
later became head coach, remarked of Gilbert: "I saw him move mountains." The Times investigation concluded Gilbert probably committed several NCAA violations in his dealings with UCLA players. Wooden http://www.fencing-sports.com/online/coach.asp?product_id=133

Sara Holloway
Granta und innerhalb der USA nach Zufall Startseite. Zur Zeit ist sie gehen zu Investigation Fellow an der University of Adelaide. Sie hat die Literaturkritik, schnelle fiction http://www.spamriswil.ch/cl-pumps/louboutin-bambou-140-leder-schwarz-pumpshand-gelenke-somit-genaue-und-stabilebestehen-aus-schnellen-fiktion-journalismus-und-69.html

David Clermont Béiques
examines the mysterious murder of the Italian filmmaker and the botched investigation that ensued. To this day, many questions remained unanswered. David Clermont-Béique’s Chant de lumières: Fernand Leduc http://cultmontreal.com/2014/02/heres-whats-on-at-this-years-art-film-fest/

Céline Huber
virtual system Céline Huber, MS c Studentin Institut für Sport und Sportwissenschaften Universität Basel Investigation of the anaerobic threshold in patients using gas exchange measures http://www.reha-rheinfelden.ch/ueber-uns/wissenschaft/personen/

Can Özbaşaran
investigation of academic staff who participated in the June 2013 strike was completed, resulting in the dismissal of Dr. Figen Algül and Dr. N. Can Özbaşaran as research assistants http://mesana.org/committees/academic-freedom/intervention/letters-turkey.html

Ann Arbor
Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Phonetic Symbolism.” Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 24: 623-630. Mizuko, Mark I. 1986. "Iconicity and Initial Learning of Three Symbol Systems in Normal Three http://iconicity.ch/en/iconicity/index.php?archive&id=1197027659&start_from&subaction=showfull&ucat=2

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