Robert Axtell
Network-based Macroeconomics: A Preliminary Investigation Vipin Pudiyadath Veetil Major Professor: Richard E Wagner, Ph D, Department of Economics Committee Members: Carlos D. Ramirez, Robert Axtell Carow Hall, Conference Room

York Police
Ortega, 50, was lying unconscious nearby with apparent self-inflicted stab wounds. As the investigation continues no charges have been filed at this time. (Photo

Bernard Montaud
Recherche QU EST-CE QUE LA PSYCHANALYSE CORPORELLE ? - C est une technique d investigation fondée par Bernard Montaud il y a trente ans, qui permet de revivre corporellement notre passé

Martin Kos
Forexus Gmb H was founded by Dimitar Bobev and Martin Kos . The passion behind investigation, technology and processing of vast amounts of data was the driving force behind the founding

Imre Lakatos
incidents that had directed their attention to the issue. Over the course of the investigation, their language and metaphors had changed so that they themselves could no longer interpret

Gabrielle Roth
journey of a song. It opens my hands up to possibility and investigation. 5R hythms is a gateway that allows me to paint boldly on the canvas and to discover

Kristin Mariani
developing from my understanding of the armhole as a dressmaker. It is my closer investigation

Nezhan Sheik
Mosul Campaign ... U.S. military officials and the Iraqi army have announced a joint investigation into a mistaken air strike that killed 21 tribal fighters and wounded seven

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