Kevin John
Seminarleitung bei keinem geringeren als dem Begründer und Maintrailing-Standard-Setter Kevin John Kocher lag, der... Mantrailing-Workshop

John Parris
Scholars Publishing, 2011. – Rhodes, Gary D. / Springer, John Parris (eds.): Docufictions: Essays on the Intersection of Documentary and Fictional Filmmaking. Jefferson [#SYMBOL \f "Symbol"188]: Mc Farland

Can Win
liability Economist This Guy in Iowa Knows How Democrats Can Win Back Rural America John Norris, a savvy strategist for Jesse Jackson

Isaac Newton
Benjamin West and two excellent portrait painters in John Copley and Gilbert Stuart , but it is not without significance that all three men passed much of their lives in London

John Watson
Article History John Foster Dulles, (born Feb. 25, 1888, Washington, D.C.—died May 24, 1959, Washington, D.C.), U.S. secretary of state (1953–59) under President Dwight D. Eisenhower

John Keating
realizes the price she must pay to realize her dreams. In “Dead Poets Society,” John Keating leaves the school with the knowledge that he has made a difference

John Singlaub
pocket of his trousers,” John Singlaub, then the chief of staff of U.S. Forces Korea, later wrote . “Nor did he see the other North Korean officer rolling up the sleeves

John Gorman
Alabama writers have won attention through their focus on local themes. Johnson J. Hooper, John Gorman Barr, and Joseph G. Baldwin were popular

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