Marine DATA
smooth handling of moving machinery and portable devices. Marine DATA MODUL provides … DATA MODUL provides specific marine solutions in the shipbuilding sector. Innovative and future-proof display

Louis Division
June, IQ2J 95 Successful Radio Experiments on Moving Trains, on St. Louis Division By T. J. Murphy,Chief Clerk, Office of Superintendent Transportation, Cincinnati Special musical programs were furnishedfrom

Tracy Mehan
Featured , On TV and Movies , Sports In an opening scene of Brian Helgeland’s moving film, 42, Branch Rickey, the famous president of the Brooklyn Dodgers

Martin Mac
bestond voornamelijk uit Sharpy Wash moving lights, gecombineerd met Vari*Lite VL3500 wash en spots, PRG’s Icon Beams, Robe Pointes, Robe 800 LED wash, GLP Impression X4 en Martin

Gertrud Schwing
Schwing “A Way to the Soul of the Mentally Ill”1, there is the moving example of a thirty-year-old psychiatric patient

Fernando Pessoa
created in the video projections supplement and extend the protagonist on stage, and a moving portrait rises of a man coming to terms with his own identity. Pessoa’s Book

Daniel Berio
canvas prints, displaying single frames of what originally were moving works. Participating artists Daan van Hasselt (NL), Daniel Berio (IT/NL), DNKRS (NL), E202 (NL), Elektromoon (PL/HU), Georgios Cherouvim (GR/US), Illuminator

Frank Böhmert
Jahre J Familie. Ab 12, e. ld Diaz Gonzalez, Christina: Moving Target - Die Spur der Gejagten. A. d. Amerikan. von Frank Böhmert. Stuttgart: Planet

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