Alexander Someks
Somek’s The Cosmopolitan Constitution offers a novel reworking of the evolutionary practices of modern

Jim Parkin Shutterstockcom
station on a natural gas pipeline, Texas. © Jim Parkin/ Modern gas pipelines are built in numerous sizes, depending on their use, with diameters ranging from 15 cm (6 inches

Leslie Marmon
Nichols’s The Milagro Beanfield War (1974), all of which are part of the modern New Mexican literary canon. As part of the American Southwest , New Mexico

Lawrence River
Lawrence River to the site of modern Montreal in his search for a route to the Orient. The Huron Indians told him of the great seas lying beyond

Nancy Gill Shutterstockcom
duty white plastic bags that are then transported to the feeding area. Modern Wisconsin dairy farm with Holstein cows. © Nancy Gill/ Pulpwood production dominates the Wisconsin timber

Bob Kerrey
symbol for modern Omaha, and the opening in 2008 of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, a serpentine suspension structure linking Omaha to Council Bluffs, may have provided that distinguishing landmark

Philip Gawthorne
writing craft and more Philip Gawthorne is the screenwriter of British rom-com movie Modern Life is Rubbish who is now working for Hollywood studios on a number of blockbuster

Eric Hood
Running Man Deluxe in Inspirational Modern Architectural Environment © Eric Hood · Fotolia · Business-Frau meditiert auf dem Schreibtisch © Westend61 Shutterstock: Kreis © stock-vector-life-balance

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