Philip Rosenthal
betriebswirtschaftlichen Problemstellungen. „Ein Manager ist ein Mann, der genau weiß, was er nicht kann, und der sich dafür die richtigen Leute sucht.“ Philip Rosenthal

Glen Vorster
Glen Vorster, Site Operations Manager, SITA Geneva MOST POPULAR CONTENT

Wilhelm Furtwängler
photograph of Wilhelm Furtwängler conversing with Ernst Fischer. Fischer was the "Vorstand der Philharmoniker" (Manager of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). A rare United Press - Acne Photo dated 23.5.50. Stamped address

Martin Raak
including parts list is just a few clicks away. robolink® blog - stay informed Product Manager Martin Raak writes about product innovations, creative application examples and provides exclusive insights into

Helmut Sandmayr
Qualitätsmanagement, Konfigurationsmanagement, Entwicklungsvorgehen, Agile Methoden, Testmanagement, Requirements Engineering, Metriken, Prozessbewertung Helmut Sandmayr Gründungspartner, Managementberater, Manager auf Zeit, Projektleiter, Seminarleiter

Gilles Repond
proud to make the quality of our catering a priority. Our Hotel Manager, Gilles Repond, is responsible for all the hospitality aspects. In addition to the above, lakeside and mountain

Ursula Hartenberger
mortgage. Ursula Hartenberger & Zsolt Toth (Global Head of Sustainability and External Affairs Manager, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ) will present on-going initiatives on the inclusion of “green value

Richard Fritschi
été promu au rang de Vice President Finance puis de General Manager Global Sales en 1998. SULZERMEDICA a changé son nom en CENTERPULSE et Richard Fritschi a été nommé

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