York Produce
Agents (ASBA) (who are the copyright holders of the NYPE form) and the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) and the new version http://propellerclub-gva.ch/index.php/en/140-nype-2015-time-charter-bimco-seminar

Lee Willett
dazu hier die neue Analyse von Heiko Borchert, die die Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative des Center for Strategic and International Studies veröffentlicht hat. 01.04.2016 Verocy und Borchert Consuting https://www.borchert.ch/content/ger/nachrichten/nachrichten.asp

Édouard III
transport maritime étant à l époque plus performant que le transport terrestre, la Manche constitue une intense zone d échange) [47] . Il aurait négocié sa libération contre l engagement https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_II_de_France

Peter Zurcher
Peter Zurcher, managing director of Nyon-based ABC Maritime AG, a military convoy is the only option. "The ideal solution would be a government in Somalia but we ve been http://www.riverlake.ch/news.php?page=news&pages=16

Agnes Jütte
Trans Maritime AG, Internationale Transporte Agnes Jütte Reto Thürig in Reinach BL Widmer Ruesch Consulting GmbH (CH- (Revisionsstelle) in Reinach BL Widmer Ruesch Consulting GmbH https://www.kompany.de/p/ch/28039141441

Monica Canepa
Monica Canepa | World Maritime University Monica strong interests are focused on economy and transport policy and research activities related to this area. She is a specialist in economics http://wmu.se/people/monica-canepa

Borahan Alpaslan
WEEKDAY COMPANY WATCH BILL - SUNY Maritime College Alpaslan , Borahan : Connell, Daniel Brow, Samantha* Butkins, Jenna Bruinsma, Travis: Buckley, Brian Berdecia, Jason: Burris, Joshua DellaSperanza, Nik DeMeo http://www.sunymaritime.edu/sites/default/files/media/Documents/08.31%20-%2009.01%20A-Company%20Watch%20Bill.pdf

Vlaardingen Northrop
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine is a business unit of Northrop Grumman’s Navigation and Maritime Systems Division. Headquartered in New Malden, U.K., with major engineering http://www.northropgrumman.com/Capabilities/SperryMarine/Pages/default.aspx

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