Luigi Mattina
says Luigi Mattina, member of the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE. "Vision Zero": TRIMET gives additional momentum to work safety Jan 10, 2018 | Complementing its existing occupational safety

William Byrd
composers like William Byrd, Peter Philips and Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. He is a founding member and soloist of the New Dutch Academy. Besides performing, Menno van Delft regularly lectures

Allan Pettersson
also serves as a member of the board of the Society for Music History in Baden-Wuerttemberg (since 2012) and as president of the International Allan Pettersson Society (since

Francisco Feast
Icelandair Saga Club member and earn Saga Points for your flights and redeem them on board or just about anywhere around the globe! Benefits of Saga Club San Francisco Feast

Philipp Frank
assassin of an Austrian head of government in 1916, Philipp Frank, today remembered as member of the Logical Positivist ›Vienna Circle‹, and even mostly forgotten Austrian

Rüdiger Reinel
Köln; Reinel, Rüdiger Reinel, Mitglied, Member Akademie-Galerie, Germany Reinemer, Detlef Reinemer, German; in der Kollektion 1983 von Ulrich Kuhirt, Seemann-Verlag, Leipzig; Reinemer, Detlef Reinemer

Jörg Spiekerkötter
Board Dr. Jörg Spiekerkötter, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Jörg Spiekerkötter is a member of PAION’s Supervisory Board since June 2007 and the Supervisory Board appointed Dr. Spiekerkötter

Gabrielle Giffords
people and critically wounded Gabrielle Giffords , a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, as she met with constituents in Tucson , Arizona, on January 8, 2011, however, there

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