Agneta Wickenberg Jefferson
Barker. This final shortlist will be subject to a a wider vote among our membership and mailing list, before we announce

Markus Brunner
supporting the organization with a membership. Maybe,...maybe someday will have the opportunity to fly one more time. A top priority on the "bucket list". Semper Fi, Josh Jochem Porte

Lawrence Marine
Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park. Funding is provided through field training courses, ORES membership and our Adopt a Minke campaign offered through ORES partner organization in Basel, Switzerland - The Foundation

Bernie Montgomery
first place! not even an email to tell me they were gonna start the membership and charge me. I want a refund Full Review Bernie Montgomery November 26, 2017 Tune

Sarah Jane
Membership Director Sarah Jane Semrad notes that Digital Business Services helped her team develop process maps to help visualize work flows and their various interdependencies on people and technologies. “Understanding

Page Message
book for all couples who want to share a closer connection. ICEEFT Associate Membership open to anyone. To register go to ICEEFT Members Page Message DVD s can be ordered

Werner Dettwiler
invitation provided to the participants. A question was raised about the possibility of paying membership

Ann Chapel
Chapel in Palo Alto, California. The current membership of the Gregorian Schola includes men and women, mostly, but not exclusively, Roman Catholic. The group has included atheists, protestants, Jews

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