Michael Brzoska
Michael Brzoska (ed.), European Peace and Security Policy: Transnational Risks of Violence, Nomos, BLOOMSBURY, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2014, p184-200) (Beitrag lesen) - (860) Seifert, Dr. Arne

Jeff Hodges
High-Security Web Sites from Network Attacks”. [8] Additionally, HSTS is the realization of one facet of an overall vision for improving web security, put forward by Jeff Hodges

Michael Warner
Intelligence and National Security, Heft 3, 1997; Michael Warner, Robert Louis Benson: "Venona and Beyond ‒ Thoughts on Work Undone", in: Intelligence and National Security, Heft 3, 1997] Anpassung

Christian Leipner
Endpoint Security: Optimaler Schutz auch für meine mobilen Geräte Christian Leipner, G DATA Software AG 13:30 Uhr: Datenschutz: Was sind eigentlich „TOM“ und was hat das mit IT-Sicherheit

German Ich
Region Hannover (Kreis) Language(s): German Ich suche für ein mittelständischen Beratungsunternehmen einen Junior Security Consultant (m/w) für die Managementsystem Beratung

William Henderson
arrived at the Joint Security Area a couple months after an incident that showed how the “big game” could go awry. An American officer named William Henderson had swatted

Robert Knudsen
Knudsen Persons who have been employed are eligible for retirement pensions under the Social Security program, and their surviving spouses and dependent children are generally eligible

Jason Hart
Data Protection for Gemalto UK and Scott Jones, Assistant Deputy Minister of Information Technology Security for Communications Security Establishment of Canada

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