Kirk Warren
Mindfulness by Self-Report: The Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills. In: Assessment. 11 (3), 2004, S. 191–206, doi : 10.1177/1073191104268029 . ↑ Linda E. Carlson, Kirk Warren Brown: Validation

Samuel Perry
Examples of eccentric folk sculpture are found in Lucas, where Samuel Perry Dinsmoor, a self-taught

Jones Act
hence, technically, only briefly part of the American empire. Puerto Rico was given limited self-government in 1900, and the Jones Act of 1917 conferred full territorial status

Oliver Evans
sometimes self-taught engineers was available too. One conspicuous example was Delaware’s Oliver Evans , who built a totally automatic flour mill in the 1780s and later founded a factory

Charles River
MIG21, Charles River IMS, Sim Corp Dimension, Profidata Xentis, Sungard Asset Arena Self-confidence

Job Duties
Egypt.Vision is the most advanced monitoring solution in the Financial Self service industry. Job Duties: * The successful candidate will be part of a team delivering Systems Management and Monitoring

Andrew Alicante
practising krav magá, a form of self-defence training, for years. Andrew Alicante y Murcia Coordination Andrew is posing in his riding trousers. He’s English, and what’s more

Carsten Sennov
Anni and Carsten Sennov have developed the Energy Self-Defense concept that consists of 10+ books and online courses teaching people how to avoid losing personal energy and maintain

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