Julia Samm
Cornelia Nef; Contacting strategies for molecular electronics , July 2014. Mathias Wipf; Chemical and Biochemical Sensors Based on Silicon Nanowire Field https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/publications/phd-theses/

Mathias Wipf
broad research field using Si NW sensors as a candidate for future applications. A Verilog-A model for silicon nanowire biosensors: From theory to verification P. Livi, K. Bedner ... Tarasov, Mathias Wipf, Y. Chen, C. Schönenberger, and A. Hierlemann. Sensors and Actuators https://nanoelectronics.unibas.ch/research/isfet/

Hartmut Rudmann
Heptagon, “By combining proprietary design and processes in solution development for these significantly thinner sensors, we’re enabling greater design flexibility with reduced form factor and improved aesthetics http://hptg.com/2016/02/22/1845/

Can Conveyor
continuosly variable speed and lane divisor Divising from 1 to 2 lanes with congestion sensors Stainless http://www.canmachinery.com/machines/cb-350/

Michael Valivullah
Title: Big Data, Data Hubs, Sensors, Io T and Precision Agriculture – Their Effect on Data Collection, Analysis, Forecasting and Survey Processes Biography Michael Valivullah is currently serving as the Chief http://datamining.conferenceseries.com/speaker/2017/michael-valivullah-nass-us-department-of-agriculture-usa

Joachim Metternich
Sensors an. Zunächst einmal müssen die Prozesse im Unternehmen eindeutig beschrieben und definiert werden. Der Dreischritt besteht aus den Teilschritten beschreiben, standardisieren und digitalisieren , betont Joachim Metternich, neben Abele Institutsleiter source:http://fivefilters.org/pdf-newspaper/FAZ_20170109_pnr18.pdf

Martin Systems
Martin Systems Engineer / Exterior communications in Marinette, Wisconsin At Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors, we are driven by innovation and integrity http://lockheedmartin-rf.jobs/marinette-wi/systems-engineer-exterior-communications/FBA39B565EE74437A176693312063B4B/job/

Mauro Prevostini
Mauro Prevostini and Antonio Vincenzo Taddeo . Vision “The growth and early successes of sensors http://dolphin-engineering.ch/index.php?Itemid=2&id=2&option=com_content&view=article

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