Amber Customized
supercomputers, all devices interoperate with no central node Functionality Amber Customized combination of robust sensors, biosensors and food tracers assess and monitor in real-time the product’s physical attributes

Milica Jovic
Inkjet-Printed Sensors for Point-of-care Diagnostics Milica Jovic EPFL Valais Wallis/SENS à SION Sàrl Laboratoire d’Electrochimie Physique et Analytique P-19 Strategies for controlling line formation

Julia Samm
Cornelia Nef; Contacting strategies for molecular electronics , July 2014. Mathias Wipf; Chemical and Biochemical Sensors Based on Silicon Nanowire Field

Mathias Wipf
broad research field using Si NW sensors as a candidate for future applications. A Verilog-A model for silicon nanowire biosensors: From theory to verification P. Livi, K. Bedner ... Tarasov, Mathias Wipf, Y. Chen, C. Schönenberger, and A. Hierlemann. Sensors and Actuators

Hartmut Rudmann
Heptagon, “By combining proprietary design and processes in solution development for these significantly thinner sensors, we’re enabling greater design flexibility with reduced form factor and improved aesthetics

Can Conveyor
continuosly variable speed and lane divisor Divising from 1 to 2 lanes with congestion sensors Stainless

Michael Valivullah
Title: Big Data, Data Hubs, Sensors, Io T and Precision Agriculture – Their Effect on Data Collection, Analysis, Forecasting and Survey Processes Biography Michael Valivullah is currently serving as the Chief

Joachim Metternich
Sensors an. Zunächst einmal müssen die Prozesse im Unternehmen eindeutig beschrieben und definiert werden. Der Dreischritt besteht aus den Teilschritten beschreiben, standardisieren und digitalisieren , betont Joachim Metternich, neben Abele Institutsleiter source:

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