Gisela Bauer
there? A warm and welcoming hospitality is what the hostess Gisela Bauer offers, and she insists on making sure that you, the guest, lack nothing. This is where you want

Marie Elisabeth
Juli, 2010 um 21:33:31 Kommentar: Hi, searching - paternal grandmother - she was born Marie Elisabeth Gehlhar 4-21-1894. Her mother was unmarried her name was - Anna Rosine Gehlhar

Dino Riders
Monster. Spawn von Mc Farlane, sowie Ghostbusters, Dino Riders, Street Sharks und She-Ra haben wir im Repertoire. Ebenso findest du bei uns auch Zubehör für Figuren wie Stands, Tüten

German Radio
radio productions for West German Radio (WDR) and South West German Radio (SWR); she has also received numerous prizes for her compositions. Simultaneously, she has undertaken individual projects

Alban Bergs
Alban Berg´s heroine Lulu. After performing it in Nuremberg, Kassel and Dusseldorf, she

Art Springer
English edition of her Ph D thesis, which was published in German in 2004 - she asks, "Is science the new art?" In the same vein, the writer of her preface

Clara Chichins
Clara Chichin’s radically subjective photography can be characterised. I photograph, therefore I am. She establishes her presence in the world, with pictures so extremely grainy that all superfluous

Joseph Joachim
later years, often performing chamber music with the violinist Joseph Joachim and others. She became the authoritative editor of her husband

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