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Gabriele Ritter – Translator for German, English and Spanish. Experience since 2001. Welcome! I am pleased to see that you have been looking for a qualified translator and interpreter

Otto Piene
Mark Mendel among others. He served as Deputy Curator at the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca. He developed an artistic style close to science

James Poulson Daily
their families and a melting pot of ethnicities . The mixture of English, Russian, Spanish, and French place

Charles III
forced to make feeble attempts toward organizing a secular education. The Spanish king Charles III also took advantage of the occasion and founded some new institutions—the Academy

Francisco Vásquez
fourth of the state’s economy. Agriculture In 1540 Francisco Vásquez de Coronado , the Spanish explorer who founded New Mexico

Bautista Puerto
Asociado de Puerto Rico, San Juan Bautista Puerto Rico, officially Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Spanish Estado

Miguel López
spread of disease in the settlements, thus further decreasing the population. In 1680 the Spanish sent reinforcements led by José Quiroga

Brian Welker Dreamstimecom
been cleared of trees for agriculture, has gone back to trees, scrub, and grasses. Spanish moss hanging from oak trees in Savannah, Ga. © Brian Welker/ Georgia’s wildlife

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