John Singlaub
pocket of his trousers,” John Singlaub, then the chief of staff of U.S. Forces Korea, later wrote . “Nor did he see the other North Korean officer rolling up the sleeves

Clinton White
Early indications from the Clinton White House supported this interpretation. She appointed an experienced staff and set up her own office

Shauna Curphey
staff trainin... More... Phillip Mc Kinley Louis : It is time to serve and be of service to others. Seeking a role to provide hands-on experience in business innovation,... More

Colin Powell
some military leaders—including Colin Powell , the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—Clinton was eventually forced to support a compromise policy

German Army
didn’t accomplish very much. The general staff of the German Army agreed that the Kaiser couldn’t “lead three soldiers over a gutter.” He had neither the attention span

Mandy Dancers
been great to me! Especially a lady who helped me start up my profile.Great staff

Vincent Vandaele
Talen Manager, Siemens & Vincent Vandaele - Lead Engineer, Siemens Our own staff bring in many new candidates. Aside from that, Step Stone Belgium has become our main recruitment source, whether

Werner Enterprises
driver and the customer. Werner Enterprises systems and staff are designed and trained to work for the driver, to increase miles and productivity and to position drivers in areas

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