Christine Chinkin
ernannt: Professorin Christine Chinkin, Professorin für Völkerrecht an der London School of Economics and Political Science, ehemaliges

Yves Sintomer
crossroad: either it develops citizen participation in order to increase its political legitimacy

Christian Hebraists
Early Modern Europe, edited by Allison P. Coudert and Jeffrey S. Shoulson. Hebraic Political Studies

Charlie Hebdo Attack
slowly recovering from the shock triggered by the Paris attacks. In many places, political reflexes are taking hold. People are attempting

Alberto Gonzales
year Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was forced to resign after a probe into the “political

Bernie Bernie
provide single-payer universal health care, introduce tuition-free college education, and reform the political system . Sanders, Bernie Bernie Sanders. Gage Skidmore Having served

Peter Coleman
territory. The governor appointed political advisers and senior civil servants from the United States to help him. The Samoans agitated for control of their country’s affairs

Thomas Nast
political cartoon by Thomas Nast. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Reform in state governments The reform movement spread almost at once to the state level, for it was in state capitals that

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