Bill Palmer
begleitende Shiatsutherapie von Krebs-Patienten (2017) Arbeit mit den Faszien und Körperflüssigkeiten, Bill Palmer und Theresa Hadland (2015) Faszien und Shiatsu - Bindegewebstechniken

Alison Lee
Johnson and has been doing EFT for over 20 years. With Gail Palmer, Alison developed the Core Skills Training model for therapists learning the EFT model. She is also

Olga Kamienik
grossesse et au postpartum (Susanne Yates), aux traumatismes physiques et psychiques (Bill Palmer) et au ostéo­Shiatsu (Claudia Beretta). Olga Kamienik parle

Susan Middleton
Monday, November 20, and with High School boys in the Palmer Center on Tuesday, November 21. Susan Middleton —an artist, photographer, author, and educator specializing in the portraiture of rare ... endangered animals, plants, sites, and cultures—will address the senior class in the Palmer Center

Michel Palmer
Michel Palmer Maître de Soirée ( France ) Une voix unique, combinée à une maîtrise parfaite des mots, tels sont les atouts exceptionnels de Michel Palmer. Il excelle dans

Steve Wilsons
Emerson, Lake & Palmer records. is Steve Wilson’s his second solo record, featuring (among others) Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess on 3 tracks. Content Even though

Richard Luthy
Berkeley, CA, USA Richard Luthy, Ph.D., Silas H. Palmer Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA Karl Mair, D.Sc., Senior Scientist, Eco Research SRL, Bolzano, Italy

Barry Palmer
1970s to attempt motorization of their flexible-wing aircraft [32] but unlike Barry Palmer – who placed the center of gravity well

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