Christophe Clarets
determination to continue pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking, introducing mechanical principles never previously used in the sphere of horology. The Soprano watch is a new model associating

Erik Gunnervall
Gunnervall is Head of the Client Solutions Americas business unit, based in New York. Previously, he was Co-Head of the Client Solutions Europe and Middle East business unit, based

David Cameron
military action without a vote from Parliament, which approves use of force and has previously stopped strikes such as when then leader David Cameron asked for them in 2013. Labour

Gilles Pradère
strengthened its fixed income team with the appointment of senior fund manager Gilles Pradère. Previously with Calyon in London,... Reyl asset management strengthens its fixed

Marianne Bailey
Frankfurt and held several positions as Head of Cost Management or within Group Strategy. Previously

Andrea Meridas
side Mr. Easley stands and he is NOT in favor of the students. As previously stated, he is just going along to get along; making a name for himself. Honestly

David Ives
Thing" by David Ives to FEATS Fringe 2016. This was another play which had previously been performed by The Semi-Circle in November 2015 as part of the production called

Kim Nguyen
works for Wildcard Corp., where he is a project manager / developer / consultant. Previously, he worked at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 12 years where he and his team managed

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