Frank Roselieb
Juni), Seite 86 Frank Roselieb, Empirical research on crises: the three major lessons learned from Fukushima Daiichi, in: Eurosafe Tribune - Towards Convergence of Technical Nuclear Safety Practices in Europe, November

Irmgard Irminger
Irmgard Irminger 11.2003 - 09.2007 Swiss Baltic Net: Junior Research Fellowships am Swiss Banking Institute der Universität Zürich

Frank SPF
Thissen (Energie Solaire S.A.), E. Frank (SPF) / 2013 / EN In the past years research and development for heat pumps in combination with solar thermal collectors increased. In this work

Guido Schilling
boards and company managements; it is one of the leading Swiss companies for executive research. The founder of the company, Guido Schilling , is personally committed

Dan Hawcutt
been tested on the youngest patients. This means there is very little good quality research on efficacy or proper dosage. This concerns Dr Dan Hawcutt . He’s a Senior Lecturer

Eric Morzier
Swiss artists Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet, SIGMASIX works both on art and research projects as much as commercial and consulting ones. Today, the studio

Friedrich Hayek
education research", finding that "framing a social network analysis within a complexity science perspective offers a new and powerful applicability across a broad range of PER topics". [21] Complexity

Daniele Trevisani
indefinite time frame. [34] [35] Barriers due to relational distances aspects[ edit ] Arising from research in Risk Communication [36] , the "4 Distances Model" (Acronym 4DM, originally by Daniele Trevisani

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