Alexander Goldenweiser
during the holidays, and soon had played in all the major cities of the Russian Empire as well as across Europe. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 he was obliged

Fedor Tokarev
eventually selected the design of the famous Russian arms designer, Fedor Tokarev. During 1930 - 1932 Red Army procured several thousands of new pistol, and after initial field testing requested several

Verena Endtner
prize-winning documentary film of the Swiss (Bernese) directress Verena Endtner. Spoken in Russian

Catherine Hirata
MORTON FELDMAN (1926–1987) Catherine Hirata The son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, Morton Feldman was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1926. He studied piano with Maurina Press—herself

Roman Empire
partiell) [1333]. -- Netflix ID [1287]. -- Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire ID [1125]. -- Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID [1064]. -- Catholic Encyclopedia (partiell) [1057]. -- Encyclopedia of Life ID [1019]. -- Encyclopædia Britannica

Israel Orphan
Jewish children orphaned by a Russian pogrom . Other orphanages founded in Jerusalem at the beginning of the 20th century were Zion Blumenthal Orphanage (1900) and General Israel Orphan s Home

James Douglas
Zero Philadelphia OPERATION SNOWDROP Is available for international licensing, preferably in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Please contact James Douglas. Iran is a closely watched and locked up society – a nuisance

Daniel Herman
historian Daniel Herman describes. By Daniel Herman Anyone who watches the news knows that Russian hackers gave Democratic National Committee documents to Wiki Leaks and hacked voter databases

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