German Academy
Humanities and the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina”. They shall elect one of their members to be President, who shall have guest status on the executive boards

Sami Khedira
transportation solutions.» John B. Emerson (U.S. Ambassador in Germany) «I highly recommend Premium Switzerland. They care about their clients, and understand the level of service they expect.» Sami Khedira (Juventus

Calvin Russel
path leads to pain One path leads to freedom But they all look the same. (aus Crossroads, Calvin Russel) Nur schon darüber, ob’s nun „roads“ oder „paths“ sind

John Kempf
toxic chemicals and GMO s and they can do it again, even better! Farmers are ingenious, we have faith in our farmers!” John Kempf, an Amish Farmer, teaches farmers

Bob Paisley
nchengladbach . Liverpool won 3–1 to win their first European Cup a year after they had won the UEFA Cup . This meant that Bob Paisley

Mildred Ratched
mind-numbing daily routine to suppress the patients. Mc Murphy finds that they are more fearful of Ratched than they are focused on becoming functional in the outside world

Maja Uzelac
Miroslav Ničić (Serbia) 3 elderly beauty, spend their last days in the house where they were born and grown old, in the monotonous routine of the space that

Henri Carnal
American wife, Henri takes over from his father in 1912; both educational visionaries, they create Le Rosey’s reputation and attract students from all over the world. Gstaad Henri Carnal

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