Colin Chardavoyne
Colin Chardavoyne The place was a short walk from our hotel. For CHF 22, they washed, dried and ironed an entire load of clothes, which came out soft and stain

Eden Time
meaning of mahinga kai and the project, the importance of the waterways and how they work and the proposal for an eco-sanctuary. Walk: Avonside Eden Time (start and finish

Terri Coles
Secrets Voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are suddenly everywhere — but can they really up your productivity? We have advice on choosing

Emily Buckman
even more, but a retailer might start to look a bit desperate if they adopted the same approach. Emily Buckman, global strategic consultant at Urban Airship says: “Frequency is more

Annina Brügger
19th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization in Barcelona from 12th to 16th June. They won the Honorable Mention Award for their full paper on „Dynamic Visual Abstraction of Soccer Movement“. More

Kaylee Johnson
thought, at times, we did enough offensively and executed well enough, but they had too many second-chance points and too many rebounds." Stanford forwards Kaylee Johnson (6-foot

Nancy Tausz
adults. Make sure children have the MMR vaccine when they are 12 to 15 months old, and again before they enter kindergarten," said Lougene Marsh, director of the Johnson County

Niklas Edin
round-robin, Sweden started the final with last stone advantage in the first end. They used that advantage to blank the first end and then opened the scoring with

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